Minnie Mouse Club

Enter the skeptic. A woman eroded by time, the woes of modern life, and the 10 o’ clock news. Yet, somehow this girl found herself sitting on a plane to the “happiest” place on earth. Yes, me, on my way to Disneyland after 28 years of ignorance, indifference, and suspicion toward the big castle, Don Mickey and his loyal consiglieres [read here for more details]. Sure, I’d been told of the delight and the dole whips, but I also couldn’t turn a blind eye to the the crowds and the costs. Maybe Disney is a game best left to children and nostalgia riddled adults. Maybe it was too late.

But there was one brave soul who made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.


A Disney veteran so invested she’s practically a mouseketeer. But she couldn’t do it alone. I was extremely fortunate to be surrounded by people who knew what to do, where to eat, and how to guide me through said crowds. They took this little skeptic and showed her the time of her life. We dubbed it Ghouls Weekend 2016 and had 72 hours of greatness.


Why Ghouls Weekend? Well our trip happened to fall on Halloween weekend. We didn’t go to Mickey’s special Halloween party, but even so Disneyland was no slouch when it came to Halloween.




Even the cups were Halloween themed. Seriously, aren’t they adorable?




Some of the rides also got in the Halloween spirit. The Haunted Mansion was taken over by Nightmare Before Christmas and Space Mountain was Ghost Galaxy.



Every ride I went on seemed better than the last. In the end my top rides were the ones that combined an immersive experience with a little bit of thrill. Indiana Jones stole the top slot, but Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars were also great contenders.



Living our best lives on the Cars ride.




Sam and Taylor on Peter Pan. This was a ride that really surprised me. It’s not very fast, so I didn’t expect it to live up to the hype. But there is just something magical about flying over starlight London.


Jungle Cruise Crew. At first thought our driver was kind of quiet, but she turned out to be hilarious. She had a very dry sense of humor.


This wasn’t a ride, but I couldn’t pass up a picture of a tribute to my favorite Disney Princess, Ariel. I did go on her actual ride later and witnessed some weird animatronic hairstyles.

I also learned that Disney has no end of Mickey shaped treats and food to try. And can I just say, THE CHURROS GUYS, THE CHURROS.




Of course, one of these treats included the infamous Dole Whip.




Heidi, Ben, and I had to EARN these pretzels. There was quite a long line since the both that sold them was also the place you could buy beer.

We also ate at a restaurant in the New Orleans part of the park, where I had a delicious Monte Cristo sandwich.



Emily with the infamous Monte Cristo.

It was fun checking off all the classic Disney things I’ve heard of and so many things that I hadn’t ever heard of. While I will probably never match the level of enthusiasm of my die hard Disney friends, I can honestly say I had an amazing time and would recommend it to others, even the skeptics.








Thanks for the good times Disney.

Currently: Enjoying the Gilmore Girls Revival. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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