DeLaMare Days

This summer my cousin Emma was married and me, my mom, and all my aunts [on my mom’s side] were able to go to the wedding. It got off to a bit of a bumpy start when my hour long flight was over an hour late. However, I had a great travel companion, Mary. We kept ourselves entertained until our plane showed up and convinced someone to trade seats so we could sit together and watch a movie on our way to Vegas [She’d never seen First Wives Club, can you believe it?].


Mary!! This is obviously after the Salt Lake Airport, when we we’re in Vegas.

Mom, Annie, Jan, Mary, Shelly, and I all stayed together in a rental we [and by we I mean Jan] found only five minutes from Phil and Shauna’s house.

My main contribution to the gathering was teaching everyone how to use snapchat filters:

Not everyone could make it, but it was so fun hanging out with everyone there. We chatted.  We ate [Many chocolate cinnamon bears were sacrificed that weekend]. We wedding-prepped. We hot tubbed [Annie also may have convinced me to jump in the big pool with all my clothes on!!].

Both the ceremony and the reception were beautiful. [Happy] Tears may have been shed. It was a lovely weekend!


For some reason the only picture I have of Grace makes it look like she’s getting married [You just look too glamorous Gracey]! Jack somehow escaped my camera completely, but it was great seeing him too.


Pathway leading to the reception. Isn’t it dreamy?



THIS COOKIE ! Am I right??? My aunt Shauna is the sugar cookie queen. Some may find it hard to eat such artistic desserts, I however, am not one of those people, which is why I can say it was tasty too.



After dark everything got even more magical. I should also mention their wedding playlist  was so so great.


Jan and Shelly :)

Cheers to Emma and Chad!


Mary made us all this great watermelon drink before we dashed off to the airport. It was  watermelon with a vanilla and citrus ice cream. You’ll have to ask her for the full secret recipe ;)


Currently: missing all these wonderful people and already thinking about Christmas!


2 thoughts on “DeLaMare Days

  1. I love reading all your posts, and adventures and fun. You are such a great writer, and I love so many of the little details you share. AND, the pictures are perfect. Love you Mimi


  2. Oh, these pics make me long to see the DeLaMare girls. Such happy memories from Houston of times spent with Diane, Denise, and Shelly. Jan was tucked in briefly, and I even met Mary once in UT. Maybe I can see Diane and Jan on a future trip to DC. I do go more now that Teddy tugs me that direction a little more often. I’m sharing your pics with a friend who is a wedding planner. Everything looks lovely!

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