How to win friends and influence people

How to win friends and influence people:

Step 1: Team up with a nice slice of pepperoni pizza 



Step 2: Take your pizza to fun and exotic locals. Console said pizza when the dolphin upstages him. 

The pool! The lake! Giant Slip n’ Slides! Pretty much the only place my floats didn’t accompany me this summer was Seven Peaks [Although it would have been amusing to see a pizza float in the middle of the wave pool].

At Slide the City we had a number of floats with us and while my pizza definitely got reactions, the dolphin float stole the show. A guy came over and offered to pay us to ride the dolphin down the slide while full on monologuing about his love of the dolphin. We leant him Herbert [said dolphin] and thankfully he was returned to us safe and sound despite the dolphin obsessed stranger.


Me sliding with my pizza [The guy working there asked me if this was a pizza delivery, get it???] at Slide the City in downtown  Salt Lake City [it covered three blocks]. 

Step 3: Assemble a squad of likeminded friends

What makes a float day better? More floats, of course. Not all of these are mine, but I enjoyed taking them out for a spin.


Lifehack: If you have a large amount of floats to inflate, but only a $3 plastic pump to blow them up, Gilmore Girls help pass the time. Also maybe eventually buy a second electric pump. 




Gabby moved to a place with a pool and it definitely changed my summer for the better. 


Gabby and I living our best summer lives. 


We had a lovely ward “campout” that ended with a great lake day. Please note Herbert is front and center. 

Step 4: Challenge yourself 

While Herbert is great for giant slip n slides, it’s actually very hard to use this dolphin as a float [There are some serious balance issues involved … annnd the float may have been designed for children]. But the view is worth it.


Herbert in his [almost] natural habitat. 


“Have floats, will travel” has it’s obstacles.


When you’re exerting yourself this much you gotta stay hydrated. My drink of choice: the diet pepperlada. 

Step 5: Repeat 

I think the float addiction may be permanent and it’s definitely contagious. I’ll keep you updated on next summer.


NOT PICTURED: The latest addition to the fam, a pretzel float. I snagged this baby during an end of summer sale and managed to get in one swim with it at the ward pool party. It has three holes so it’s perfect for floating with friends.

Currently: Excited for the next season of Project Runway to start!


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