Spring City

I spent my Memorial Day weekend [Is it bad to wait until July to post about Memorial Day?] visiting the itty bitty but oh so charming Spring City [If you want to know more about this little artist haven check out House That Lars Built’s guide here]. They were having their annual home tour. I always love looking around people’s homes, plus these homes are pretty much all historic landmarks and many of them belong to artists, so I was very happy.






This was one of my favorite houses. I loved the way they put everything together. The next photo of the wallpaper is also from this house [one of the bathrooms]. 


This wins the “Favorite wallpaper” award. I know pineapples are trendy right now, but I’m 100% on board with this trend. 


It helped that we were also there on a beautiful day. It rained for a bout 5 minutes, but other than that it was sunny and gorgeous. 




This house was especially interesting because the caretakers gave you a little tour as well. Although it was also very, very small. It’s hard to imagine living there full time. 



Not technically a home, but still a great stop on the tour. This church looked even better on the inside, but alas no pictures were allowed. 


We also met some of the sheep of Spring City. 


We also supported the city by buying lunch from the youth group [for their upcoming camp trips] and selecting some cookies and tiny pies from the bake sale. It was fun getting to know the small town side of things.

Also, please note, if you had any doubt about the picturesque quality of things, actual white picket fences may have been involved in this tour.



Oh and did I mention the poppies? What more could you ask for?


Currently: Wishing you a happy Independence day! [Update: And a happy 100 blog posts to me! ]


2 thoughts on “Spring City

  1. I love Spring City! I’ve been several times – those houses…oy…dreamy.

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  2. Okay, dreaminess! I had never even heard of this place, and now I’d love to check it out. Loved your photos-what an interesting experience!

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