Do More Good

This year I was invited to join a questival team and it was one of the funnest 24 hours of my life! Questival is like having your own local amazing race. It is hosted by a company called Cotopaxi and their motto is “Do More Good.”For 24 hours you and your friends try to complete as many tasks as possible (some of them are sponsored check-in points), some of them worth more points than over. The tasks can be anything: hikes and outdoors activities, lip-syncing to songs, community contributions like donating to a food bank, and visiting landmarks. Everything has to be documented and submitted.

Me and our wonderful team raced all over and while we didn’t win, it was still a pretty amazing time. There are way too many challenges to list them all, but here are my …

Top 10 Moments of Questival

Kicking off the party



This isn’t from the kick off festival, but you can see my cute lil backpack.

We selected uniforms: Black t-shirts, some of them more artfully decorated than others, ha. We collected our backpacks (mine’s a lovely hot pink number)….. And then started the thing off by visiting llamas, strategizing at chick fil a, and jumping/screaming as confetti cannons acted as our starting bells.

Making new friends at the Capitol at midnight

We made it to the Capital building by midnight to howl at the moon (an actual challenge) and found it’s the cool place to be on a Friday night. A few other teams happened to be there and we helped each other complete challenges (like a wheelbarrow race on the Capital lawn).

Counting Cavalia propaganda along the way 


This is a sample from google. Just imagine this billboard x30.

No joke, I think we counted 30 of the Cavalia billboards!! We are now obsessed with finding out the truth about these horses … just not obsessed enough to pay the ticket price (um, can you send us a groupon please?). It really better be an amazing show.

Visiting my old friend, the Spiral Jetty 


I was delighted to see the Spiral Jetty on the list of challenges. I love this place.

Andrea taking on the ultimate dare


I can’t post the video evidence of Andrea’s worm eating, but enjoy this picture of her making friends with this horse.

We were at the Golden Spike, on our way to the Spiral Jetty, when another team dared Andrea to complete one of the more unusual challenges: EATING A WORM. She got a little freaked out when she saw the the worm but eat that thing like a champ!!!

Becoming an expert in everything from hiking to knot tying 



Many of the challenges we had to complete on the go or in the car. Aubrey handled most of the stranger ones, she gave people flowers, switched shoelaces with another team, and gave hugs. We also created a lot of instructional videos. And mailed a potato.

Making it to the rock climbing check point juuuuust before it closed


There were a few sponsored checkpoints throughout questival, including mini facials at a spa, going behind the scenes at a brewery, and jelly bean taste tasting at liberty park, but one of our first checkpoints was the best. It was at a rock climbing gym and we managed to run in the door a minute before they closed. We got on the wall in time, but I could barely hold on (my faux-spiderwoman is definitely an image to remember, haha).

Racing across the Salt Flats



We also saw this sculpture on the way to the Salt Flats. Bizzaro in a cool way.

I’ve always wanted to see the Salt Flats so this was definitely a challenge I was excited for. They didn’t disappoint. Definitely an interesting little slice of the world.


Me, just chilling on the Salt Flats

Floating in the Great Salt Lake


One of the first things we did Saturday morning was jump in the Great Salt Lake. It was cold, but kind of amazing.

Dancing it out in Wendover 


I don’t have an image of our dance party, but this pic seems to capture the feeling of the day!

We crossed the line into Wendover minutes before questival ended. We figured what better way to end an adventure then dancing it out to Footloose?

Bonus: “Worst” moment of questival: We had to order the 13th item on a diner menu and it turns out I am not a fan of country corn cakes.

Currently: Enjoying all the spring flowers (and showers) of SugarHouse


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