Favorite Things

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things lately. Maybe some of them will become your favorite things too.

  • Sing Street – I saw this movie at Sundance and loved it. It’s about a boy growing up in 1980s Dublin. He decides to start a band to impress a girl. Everything is the The best part? Most of the time with Sundance movies you have to wait forever for them to come out. But this one is supposedly heading to theaters very soon! You can watch the trailer here.
  • This is Acting – This is Acting is Sia’s new album. Favorite songs include: Cheap Thrills, Unstoppable, Move Your Body, One Million Bullets, and Reaper. Special thanks to my friend Tyler for pointing me in this direction.
  • Boxing [with friends] – I’ve mentioned I love my boxing classes before, but I especially love them when I get to bring my friends along. Here’s some pics of the time Lily came with me to “Ladies Night” at the gym:


  • When Calls the Heart & Haven – These are my two latest Netflix binges. Very different. The first is a cheesy, Hallmark movie-esque show about a school teacher in a small Canadian mining town and the second is a sic-fi show loosely based on a Stephen King novel.
  • Makeovers – I can’t resist a makeover night. I love trying new hair tutorials and I love having my friends pick new styles for me. Since I don’t have long hair anymore it’s especially fun to try long hair styles on my friends. We did some Kayley Melissa hair tutorials [like this faux mohawk] and they were easy to follow and turned out pretty good. I also got a gel nail kit for Christmas and have been loving trying that out.


  • Original Pancake House – Brunch, as you should know, is one of my favorite meals. It’s especially amazing if you do it at the Original Pancake House. I suggest the banana pancakes with a half order of bacon [Seriously, you can’t go and NOT get bacon].
  • Acai Bowls – Speaking of brunch, I finally got to try acai bowls. I first sampled these at the Protein Foundry and loved them. There’s also a new place called Aubergine that opened up near my house that has them. They are next on my list.

Protein Foundry

  • Mentalfloss – If you haven’t heard of Mentalfloss it describes itself as an “international media brand that gives smart, curious knowledge junkies their fix with upbeat, witty explorations of everything from science to pop culture to tech to history.” Basically it’s a good way to procrastinate something while also learning things. Also remember John Green? The guy who wrote The Fault in Our Stars? He’s a part of it. I especially like their movie quizzes and these life hack videos. You owe it to yourself to at least watch the one he tries at 11:40.
  • Royal Family Dance Crew – I love a good dance routine and every video I’ve seen of this group has been amazing.
  • Mini Haribo Gold-Bears – The true example of a small pleasure. These tiny, tiny gummy bears are so so good. Plus they are super cute.

Adorable, right?

Currently: Happy to see some blue skies and nice weather. Hopefully it sticks around!


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