Dear 2015

Dear 2015,

I’m sad we’ve parted ways. You were good to me. This year was filled with all sorts of surprises.

Like, who knew I’d try boxing classes and LOVE them [especially after hating the first class and swearing I’d never go back, haha]. Or that I’d get to see Hawaii for the first time? Or that I’d be so bad at keeping up with writing posts?? Well, regardless it was an eventful year and especially after this crazy week I feel compelled to count my blessings. Here are a few of the things that got left out of the blog this year:

In 2015 I accomplished some admirable goals, such as:

Mastering my dim sum order,


But don’t order this. This was cool looking but not that great tasting. 

Getting the most out of the summer Twilight concert series [This year I saw Death Cab for Cutie, Father John Misty, and St. Vincent]


Father John Misty


I was lucky enough to have Sadie in Salt Lake for a few weeks this summer :) 


St. Vincent

and returning to the giant downtown slip n slide,



What happens when you have to fit people and floats all in the same car.

Some 2015 firsts included:

A trip to Bear Lake,

Gilgal gardens,



Eating Cake while listening to Cake,


and renting puppies.

IMG_2554 (1)

Summer 2015 was a blur of late nights at the Tower [Labyrinth! Gremlins! Clueless!],


Watching movies in the park and riding bikes,

Embarking on the great waffle tour of 2015, which included stops at Bruges, Hub & Spoke, Waffle Love, Wingers, Pig & a Jelly Jar, Original Pancake House, and Blue Plate Diner,

[I only took pictures of the food involved, not the people. However it should be known that these waffles were a send off for my friend Mallorie on her way to become a fancy lawyer in Michigan :) ]

and circling the lazy river at Seven Peaks.


Other 2015 highlights included:

Visiting the Greek Festival and the State Fair,



Celebrating the wedding of one of my college bestie, Lara.


Sadie, Caity, and I were lucky to get to do this trip together.

Mourning the loss of our washing machine,

Welcoming Marty to 2015,


These were our “future goons” outfits.

Being a total Marina fan girl,


Visiting Gabby at the Art City donut truck,

Consuming as much YogurtLand as possible,


buying a piano keyboard [via some tough ksl negotiating],


And celebrating Gabby’s birthday, first with food and then with the Misterwives concert.





I also volunteered with the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation for the second year, bought a new car, explored a masonic temple, got caught up in the Star Wars pandemonium, and spent way too much time coming up with Pretty Little Liars theories.

Thanks 2015, it was a good one.

Currently: Finishing “Making a Murderer” a million years after everybody else


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