Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus

This morning as I went about my day it seemed strange that it was already November, but in case I forgot there was plenty of evidence lingering on the streets. Smashed pumpkins, hyperactive kids running off sugar highs at the park, an abandoned bowler hat, and torn skittles wrappers woven into the bush. Halloween was definitely over. But I had some fun with it before it all ended. Some of my Halloween shenanigans included:

Baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies while watching one of my favorites: Hocus Pocus


These are actually some that Gabby and I whipped up during General Conference. But Tyler and I made some amazing ones as well during our viewing of Hocus Pocus.

Making Halloween spell books

I made these to help my friend Emily with a haunted house she put on [More on that later]. I painted some and we created book covers for others. We also found a great tutorial on Pinterest for making spell books. Basically we took a book and hot glued some objects on [bats, skeleton hands, spiders, keys, etc.]. After that we mod podge-ed one ply of paper towel on top for texture. Then we painted the books black and added highlights with gold foil paint.


I was working on these books at Emily’s house and her cat, Merriweather, decided to step in and model next to the spell books.



Wandering through a Haunted Village

We went to the haunted village at This Is the Place and they led you through a bunch of different sites throughout the park. The soundtrack from The Village played the whole time. Some of the highlights were: the cemetery with the ghost bride, the headless horseman, some very athletic and mean little bears from goldilocks house, and all of the camouflaged scare-ers who jumped out us from the tall grass.


All of my pictures of the actual haunted village turned out too dark and so so, but I think Courtney’s pictures here in photo op after the village embody the spirit of the night.


Carving a pumpkin of the emoji I relate to the most

Courtney and I created a lil emoji pumpkin together. It stayed on our porch till Halloween despite it’s unusually fast decaying rate. In fact, by the time we took it off the porch it was a very sad pile of mush.


Our crying emoji pumpkin!


Getting hooked on iZombie

It’s not what you typically think of for a Zombie show [definitely not of the Walking Dead variety], but it’s really fun. It’s by the people who did Veronica Mars. It reminds me of Angel and Pushing Daisies. Essentially this zombie-girl is just trying to make it in the world and solve some crimes all while dealing with the consequences of an all brain and hot sauce diet [Although that last part is a little first season Roswell don’t ya think?].

The first season is on Netflix, check it out.

Playing a not-so-wicked witch for a haunted house

My friend Emily and her friend Benji put on a haunted house together. They went all out. Every room was decorated with amazing detail.

It was an attraction for kids and families so they made it all an elaborate setup to get candy. First the kids had to cross the haunted cemetery out front and then when they came inside Dracula woke up out of his coffin to greet them. After talking with Dracula for a bit he tries to offer them candy, but finds it’s been stolen by the witches.

I was one of the witches. The kids had to “earn” their candy by helping us make a potion. I also told some fortunes with my oh so mystical crystal ball. Then if the kids were really brave they could go down to the creepy cellar for more candy. Afterwards they could roast marshmallows with Igor around the campfire outside. It was a lot of fun and the kids really seemed to enjoy it.


Striking our best witchy poses.


Normally the “potion” was bubbling and foaming due to dry ice.

I also read The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon for book club this month a very spooky and appropriate choice for October. However, I spent the final hours of Halloween using my extra hour from Daylight Savings to fall asleep to an encore viewing of Hocus Pocus. Although sadly I fell asleep way too quickly thanks to the aid of some Nyquil [Can’t seem to beat back the colds lately].

Currently: watching the Hallmark movie gem, Magic of Ordinary Days


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