Brunch – It’s What’s for Dinner

Like many people my age, I have a totally normal and completely healthy obsession with brunch. Brunch is somehow more magical than those other meals. There are few better ways to start your day.

The sadness of this obsession is if you work from 9-5 you have a very limited brunch window. This is why while the IT guy was rebooting my computer the other day I pitched him this super excellent, brunch friendly work week schedule:*

Four 9 hour work days [Mon – Thursday] followed by a 4 hour Friday. Now, most big office can’t have everyone leaving in the middle of the day on Friday [at least the little people who answer the phones and such]. This necessitates people alternating morning and afternoon shifts. The day you have your afternoon shift you have a perfect brunch window.

This may not seem like much, but that’s 2 extra potential brunch days a month or 24 a year. That’s a lot of gourmet twists on traditional comfort foods and expertly cooked bacon.

Let’s work on making this a reality. European employees get siestas and close down their businesses for weeks at a time, the least we deserve is a few more brunch days in the work calendar.

In the spirit of this brunch celebration here are some great SLC places I’ve brunched:

  • Park Cafe
  • Eggs in the City
  • Blue Plate Diner
  • Finns
  • Grand America Hotel
  • Wild Grape
  • Pig & A Jelly Jar
  • The Original Pancake House
  • The Rose Establishment
  • Evas [ Not to be confused with Eva, small plates]
  • Ruth’s Diner

Also, here is my SLC Brunch wishlist:

  • Frida Bistro
  • Rye
  • Em’s Restaurant
  • Lazy Day Cafe
  • Caffe Niche
  • Penny Ann’s. I will however, be tempted to try pie with breakfast.
  • Faustina
  • Pago
  • Bambara
  • Finca
  • Eva [Not to be confused with Evas, the bakery]

SLC friends, am I missing anything ?? Also, please say you’ll come with me : ) The only thing better than brunch is a brunch shared of course! And by share, I mean share each other’s company, and not my actual food. Sorry, them’s the brunch rules.

[Note: Thanks to this list for helping me vet recommendations. Also some of these, like Rye, Faustina, and Penny Ann’s, I’ve been to for other meals, but never brunch. ]

*The IT guy was receptive, but more interested in fixing my browser issues so I’ll mark him as “tentative” for a pro-brunch workplace

Currently: Trying a new workout thing called “tendonitis.” Oops. Thankfully the people in my life are taking good care of me. My sister and Derek even brought my a little pie from Press Sweet Cidery last night [Pie, of course, is a highly recommended treatment for tendonitis].


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