Little Sister’s Big Day

Me: “Is it weird for me as not-the-bride to do a blog post entirely about your wedding?”

Gab: “You haven’t blogged about my wedding???”

So without further ado I will end my 2014 recap by sharing ten facts about my sister’s wedding:

1. The Bride is from Texas. The Groom from Nebraska. They were married in the Houston temple and the reception was at our friend’s house just around the corner from us in Sugar Land.


Gabby and Derek. There will be no kissing pictures of the couple on this blog out of respect to my mother, who believes that kissing belongs in real life and movie finales, but never 4×6 glossy paper.

IMG_2872 (1)

The Houston Temple

2. In a cruel twist of fate, the forecast called for 100% rain. That is not hyperbole. 100% Texas thunderstorm rain. In a much kinder turn of events this rain turned out to be more of a drizzle most of the day  and stopped long enough for pictures. Plus my Mom and Grandma managed to assemble all these cute umbrellas. IMG_2947


Bride + Best Ever Sister of the Bride [Real, actual wedding title I made up for myself]

3. There was no end to the flowers. None.



Bekah does absolutely magical things with flowers.




3. We have the best family and friends in the world. Everyone came out and showered us with love, generosity, and kindness. On top of it all, friends served food, washed dishes, and otherwise helped keep my Mom sane through the planning process.


Dinner shenanigans. I love a good “funny” picture :)


Mom and Dad.


My Mom, her parents, and her sisters.

4. Bridesmaids came from near [Austin, Dallas], Far [Paraguay], and In Between [Utah].


“Utah” Bridesmaids :)


All of these girls are the best.

IMG_2856 (1)

“Texas” Bridesmaids + Alex. Note that as sister of the bride I looked over all the bridesmaids. Literally. This in no way kept me from wearing heels.

6. The wedding hashtag was #gabbyandderek2014 and we were not afraid to use it.


7. There was so much good food. My favorite thing was probably the mashed potato bar; each serving was dished up in a martini glass. I would show you except when I had time to eat I was so focused on eating that I did not take any pictures.

8. Our friend Yvonne made the cake and it was so delicious there was not a single slice left. We wrapped one piece up for someone to take home and the top layer for the freezer.


There was also a near cake catastrophe when some layers started sliding in the middle of the night before the big day. But luckily due to some quick thinking and Yvonne’s fast and nimble decorating fingers all ended well.

9. Their first dance was to “When the Right One Comes Along” by the Striking Matches. Then Gabby danced with my Dad and Derek danced with his Mom to “It Won’t Be Like This for Long” by Darius Rucker. They left their party surrounded by sparklers [A near miracle with all the rain and general drizzliness of the night].


I don’t have a good pic of Gabby and Dad dancing [just video that would be way too annoying to upload], so enjoy this picture of them laughing about something at the dinner the night before instead.

10. Gabby and Derek are meant to be. I’m glad my sister has found someone who makes her so happy. It was a wonderful day and Derek is a great addition to our family.  I’m grateful I could be a part of their day.




[As you may have guessed I supplemented my photos with some of Gabby’s engagements and bridals. Her photographer was Andra, check her out here.]

Currently: trying a new fitness thing: Boxing classes!


2 thoughts on “Little Sister’s Big Day

  1. I love this. So glad you posted it! It’s like a little featurette I would read in a magazine. Those white flowers are amaaazing. Everyone looked wonderful and I loved reading your comments about it all! “Best Ever Sister of the Bride” has a very nice ring to it.

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