Facts or Something Like Them

Things I’ve learned this week:

My office plants are completely dependent on the kindness of strangers. My desk mate started a new position this year and today I finally noticed them, withered, half-dead, and huddled in a corner by the printer.

This tiny house may have more counter space than my regular-apartment kitchen.

Jackie Chan is the man:

Fries should come with Feta more often. And I should got to Spitz more often.

Radio play for the Hunger Games hanging tree song [ The Rebel Remix ] may outlast my new years resolutions, yet I still don’t get why it was brought to us as a radio chart topper in the first place [What would make this song about death, loss, and sacrifice better? A KEWL DANCE BEAT!]. Here is an analysis of the song in case those last two sentences just seemed like gibberish. 

Currently: trying to not make every blog a borderline essay. Short is good too, right?


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