Only happy when it rains

2014 is slipping away and with it so many of my good blogging intentions. I’m going to do my best to do a fast and furious 2014 recap this week and next to bring in the new year. I thought I’d kick it off by showing you the time I got to revisit this cabin. Rainy days are some of my favorite days and this was no exception.



I know rain is a melancholy creature, but I love it anyways. I feel about rain the way Lorelai Gilmore feels about snow. It is the sign of something magical. A catalyst for the cathartic. Whether it is gently lapping at my window or pouring down everywhere, dramatically back lit by lightning and thunder, rain and I tend to get along [Unless of course I am trying to have frizz free hair, but we’ll save that rant for another time].



Many people count down the days to snow, but don’t seem to give rain its due. Rain is there in all the important moments and teaches us so much. Rain helped us understand Lloyd Dobler’s heartbreak [She gave him a PEN guys, His heart for a PEN!]. It told us to love our governesses and not rely solely on the affection of boyfriends who could turn into enemy soldiers at any moment. Rain taught us that kissing upside down is infinitely cooler. It is where Aly and Noah bankrolled NIcholas Spark’s retirement. Where true heroism in the form of Jeff Glodblum bravely distracted a T-Rex so those dumb screaming kids could get away. Where Holly was reunited with Cat. Where 2005 Darcy stole our hearts while alienating Elizabeth. Rain is magical. Let’s leave it at that.

[On a slightly more obscure note, Roswell fans will also note that rain is where Michael finally opened up to Maria despite his terrible childhood and general my-life-is-hard-because-I-am-a-teenage-alien issues.]





Of course, a good rainy day also needs a good playlist of course. Here is one of mine.



The rain I encountered on this day was just a drizzle. A little touch that made everything seem extra lush and gorgeous. After I was done exploring, I spent the rest of my time curled up in blankets, reading, and writing. Something I plan to keep doing as the rain disappears and the snow starts in earnest.


Currently: Wishing you a Happy New Year! Have fun and be safe!


4 thoughts on “Only happy when it rains

  1. That day really was magical…*sigh. You wrote about it so wonderfully, as always! “It is where Aly and Noah bankrolled Nicholas Spark’s retirement.” Hahaha YES.

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