Happy Camper

Once, at a single and mingle type event, where I had spent quite some effort trying not to let conversation lapse into awkward silence, this happened:

Guy: [Last ditch effort at finding common interest] I really like camping. Do you like camping?

Me: [Remembers sitting around a campfire eating a s’more once] Yeah!

Guy: Oh great! Where are your favorite camping spots?

Me: [Thinks further] You know what, I don’t really like camping.

[Awkward silence ensues anyway. Some things cannot be helped.]

The point being: I don’t have much experience in camping, but the older I get [and the more I live in Utah] the more I’m learning to enjoy the great outdoors. The gorgeous mountain views continue to draw me in, even though when I announce my good, outdoorsy intentions, family members send me photos likes this:


In fact, felt I would be neglectful not to share some of my wonderful camping and nature adventures this year. In particular I went on a wonderful camp out with my Church group.




It did not hurt that our camp out included access to the Thomas’s cabin [Thank you!!] and that we played several rounds of Heads Up [I cannot get enough of this game].  But before that I did partake of all the natural beauty around me. I promise.

I was particularly enchanted by these lovelies and the view behind them [There is something about that layer of mist].






To be honest, for this camping experience I did not technically sleep on the ground or in a tent. I did, however, sleep on the deck of the cabin, out under the stars. Which, trust me, shows significant personal growth. The next morning I also went out on a hike before we packed it in and headed back to the city.






It should also be noted that a good camping experience is not complete without good people [and flower crowns being woven into someone’s hair].



Girl knows how to rock those flowers.


Milkshakes and fries are mandatory after all camping excursions.


Currently: getting back into the swing of work after a weekend full of thrift shopping, Gilmore Girls, the aquarium, and sister time :)


2 thoughts on “Happy Camper

  1. Dear Mimi, WE LOVED THIS BLOG!!!! You are getting better and better and better ALL the time!… We love you! Gpa and Gma D.

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