Dear Texas, I Love You

I recently spent a glorious extended weekend with some people that I love [my parents] in a place that I love [Texas].  It felt like I was there for just a minute, but I did my best to squeeze in as many good times [and food] as possible. Basically my trip was this: swim, eat, repeat. All with wonderful people. Glorious, I know. In case you are wondering what that looks like, here you go:




These are from our day at Surfside. There wasn’t very much seaweed in the water and it was a beautiful day.


We were greeted by patriotism and Texas pride.

Bella came with us and loved it. Although she was scared to go to far into the ocean. Although I am the one who seems to be a jellyfish magnet [seems to happen to me more than it should], but luckily it was a little sting that faded fast.

test test

Bella looking out at the ocean.

We also brought a kite with us. This is my dad’s fancy kite [ you can steer it and make it do tricks and such].


For some reason I felt it would be a really good idea to try and film this kite and only the kite, with little to no people shots. Now when my future children ask me about family life before they were born I can play a 1:00 clip of wind tunnel noises and a tiny kite flying in the air with tiny people occasionally in the frame while the rest of you losers are showing off posed photos with smiling faces of your loved ones.

On the way home from the beach we weren’t feeling the Purple Cow, so we stopped at the next possible restaurant [a Chili’s] as we were all crazy hungry from our day of leisure. I bring this up because I guess they have all these interactive screens now, which allowed me and my mom to get very competitive and school everyone at entertainment trivia. Now some of you may say our opponents were “computers” or some sort of nonsense, but I like to think these were all Chili’s patrons around the world who were all amazed at our ability to recall upcoming film trailers and leading actors.

I also managed to wedge in plenty of pool time, a trip to the movie theater with my Dad [Planet of the Apes, after which I kept forcing him to do the ape you-are-the-leader hand gesture], great Tex-Mex, massages at the mall [don’t knock it till you’ve tried it], Cuban food, and a little shopping. I mean c’mon what trip is complete without a new outfit?? I also showed my parents 20 Feet from Stardom, a must if you haven’t seen it yet [It’s on Netflix right now so you have no excuse]. It’s about backup singers and their struggle to make it into the spotlight. It’s an interesting movie and a good watch for anyone pursuing a creative dream.


Flan at Piquet. Yum.


Mama and me soaking in the sun.

On Saturday I accompanied my dad on his morning bike ride. He modified it to accommodate me, so naturally it included a stop at Whataburger for a honey butter chicken biscuit, some of the best breakfast there is. We also went down this path that was lined with all edible trees (walnute, guava pineapple, passionfruit, etc.) that I loved. Dad is an excellent riding companion and shows you all the best routes and keeps pace with you very well (even when you are sleepy and slow).

Going home also means seeing a lot of great people, including my grandparents, everyone in my parent’s ward, the lovely Young family, and my friend Kimberly. Kimberly has two adorable girls who liked me even though I promised them I’d go swimming with them and then didn’t [the pool was closed!!]. We improvised and had ice cream instead, which in my opinion is always a good backup.

Oh and did I mention I was welcomed with this?


Thanks for the wonderful weekend Mom and Dad.

It’s always good to be home.

Currently: trying my hand at gourmet popsicle making. Wish me and my Apple-pear-flaxseed pops luck.


2 thoughts on “Dear Texas, I Love You

  1. Loved this blog!!!!! So glad we could be a part of that fabulous weekend.
    Love Alwlays, Grandpa and Grandma D.

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