From Sugar Land to Sugar House

Or the story of how I lured my family away from Texas to visit me :)

My parents were able to drop by for a weekend recently to see me and Gabby. It started with wonderful anticipation of the Utah weather to come:

My Dad will probably never leave Texas.

My Dad will probably never leave Texas.

I tried my best to show them some good SLC eats, including Evas and Faustinas:


And they loved it! But who wouldn’t love Evas?

While in Evas we spent way too long trying to coordinate a window frame picture (as you can see Dad never made it into his spot).


Sadly Gab was not able to join us for this portion of the day because of some dumb thing called “work.”

Good eats also included Red Iguana. And Sopapillas. Yum.


We saw two of our favorite April birthday girls: Mary and Camie.

IMG_4159And of course there was also lots of goofing off with the sibling. 

IMG_4167One night my Mom and I managed to squeeze in a late night stroll at the Capital [People with long distance family members know long, meandering  conversations in person are just better than long, meandering conversations via telephone. Even if it means you don’t multitask.].


Blossoms by the capital building at night

And last, but not least, we also spent a lot of time watching this:


All in all it was a good weekend. The days flew by too quickly, but I was so grateful for every single one.

Shenanigans not pictured included: us taking full advantage of the hotel hot tub, pizza night, everyone helping me get things done (I am very lucky), Sunday driving, liberty park, and a girls’ night shopping trip.

Currently: Experiencing a lot of those spring showers people like to rhyme about.


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