Ice Castles

Post-Christmas-January can be a bleak, albeit annual-sale-plentiful place. However this year’s been pretty good. In fact so far February’s been lovely and rainy (Although I recognized that this probably won’t last). Sundance also came and went. I managed to see a few movies including The DoubleGod Help the Girl (the songs are still stuck in my head!), and the Best of Fest selection, Whiplash. I was happily surprised to see Stuart Murdoch take the stage when I went to see God Help the Girl. He introduced the movie and did a little Q & A afterwards.It was fun to hear his perspective and his inspiration for the movie.

I also saw the Midway Ice Castles (Yes I know everyone’s been doing it. And yes you’ve probably seen 50 versions of this on instagram. But this version has me in it! lol):

Ice Explorers

Ice Explorers




Olaf was there!

Olaf was there

IMG_3643 IMG_3671IMG_3590

Currently: Had a wonderful weekend with my cousins last week in Manti followed by more fun times with Ben this weekend (including the Lego Movie). I can’t believe Josh will be on his mission before February is over!


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