Confessions of a Hoarder in Training

Things I found while cleaning out my closets this weekend:

  • 2 computer mouses [mice?]
  • My cowboy pajama pants
  • An unopened instruction manual for my Dell Monitor in it’s original plastic seal  [circa freshman year]
  • Yarn from my abandoned knitting hobby [I will pick this back up]
  • Fabric from an abandoned sewing project [that too]
  • One notebook almost entirely filled with work notes [from the Internet Safety Project era] and to do lists. Here is a to do list sample that gives you a good idea of my college day to day: finish editing homework [crossed off], work out [not crossed off], make cupcakes and mix frosting colors [crossed off]
  • A holey sweatshirt my mom begged me to throw away last year [Actually thrown away now, sorry Mom]
  • 50 pages of a novel I started writing [and 2 drafts]
  • Multiple crumpled Happy Birthday tiaras
  • That really good bra I thought I’d lost [Trust me, this is a victory]
  • 3 different editing manuals and a baggie of index cards dictating common usage errors [unable to throw away any of this]
  • All my college apartment rental agreements and rent receipts
  • My “Save The Cheerleader, Save the World” T-Shirt [I really wish Heroes had turned out differently]

Currently: Sitting at the back of my closet trapped by all the things I said I’d organize tonight


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