More Summer Please

So much summer, so little time. In the last two weeks or so every time my friends and I try to swim the storm clouds roll in or some other anti-swim disaster strikes. But, honestly, those have just been tiny bumps in the road.  I’m really just sad to see the signs that summer will be gone soon (It’s probably my favorite season). There’s something wonderful about the summer life.Good thing I’m ending on a high with a little getaway with my friends soon.

In the meantime, here are some of the reasons I’ll miss summer:

Baseball Games

Don’t laugh. Yes, I’m not the sportiest girl around, but there’s something so pleasant about watching a game with blue skies overhead and a hot dog in your hand. Just don’t make me tell you what’s going on.

baseball games

I went to a Bees game with my ward and had a great time. We all sat on the grassy open section. This picnic blanket really is getting a lot of use this summer.


Frozen Treats

Summer foods are the best! In addition to ice cream, sorbet, popsicles, and the like, I love grabbing a cool drink. Whether it’s a McDonalds diet coke (the best deal around) or a Sonic Cherry Limeade Slush a good drink can make a summer evening just right.


Um, who could resist a sprinkle edged delight like this? Thanks Meg!


Have we talked about this Lick’d popsicle yet? The flavor is Avocado Pistachio! Not something I’d do everytime, but it was a summer adventure I truly enjoyed.

Visits from Friends

I love it when I get to benefit from other people’s summer vacations :D My friend Kimberly came into town this year and it was great to see her and her girls!


A police officer came by our picnic table and gave us a ton of temporary tattoos with the SLPD logo so we “deputized” the kids (and ourselves) haha. 


I’m a sneaky photographer, hehe. I took them to liberty park, which was really fun EXCEPT for a crazy concert going on (definitely not aimed at children).

Farmers Market

The Farmers market is a summer must! Yummy food, great produce, and interesting craft booths. Always a good time!


These raspberries were crazy good. You can’t tell from this picture, but some of them are even purple.

Outdoor Movies

Salt Lake has these in ample supply. Most recently I caught American Graffiti at Big Cottonwood Park. I really, really, really loved the film noir series at the Gallivan. They also show movies at Capitol Hill and in Park City. One of the most unique outdoor movie experiences I had this summer was getting to watch Sandlot at the actual Sandlot. The movie was filmed in Salt Lake and for the 20th anniversary they showed the film and brought in the director and a lot of the cast.


The Sandlot!


There were a lot of people there! The autograph line was so long the cast was signing things all the way through the movie and they still didn’t finish! They seemed really grateful and down to earth though (from the Q&A portion; I chose not to wait in that crazy line!).


The Cast! It was fun to hear their memories. They let the audience ask questions and a surprising amount were about Wendy Peffercorn, haha.

Wedding Bells

A summer wedding is pretty much guaranteed and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to post something about my good friend Teal’s wedding. This girl has been a great friend to me since the day I was born and she had a beautiful wedding (Such a happy, crazy in love couple!).

The beautiful couple, flower bouquet, and Karen and Meg!

The beautiful couple, one of the bouquets, and Karen & Meg!

Me with some of the other bridesmaids :)

Me with some of the other bridesmaids :)

Here's a peek of what they're reception was like.

Here’s a peek of what their reception was like.

It was a great day and a fun party!

It was a great day and a fun party!

This cutie also enjoyed the wedding!

This cutie also enjoyed the wedding!

Somehow this happened to their car? ;)

Oh yeah, and somehow this happened to their car? ;)

Oh, and while we are talking wedding, let's sneak in a picture from the bridal shower! Love these girls!

While we are talking wedding, let’s sneak in a picture from the bridal shower! Love these girls!

So this doesn’t even begin to cover all the wonderfulness of summer (Maybe a part two is in order? At the very least I need to chronicle my garden/plant journey this year), but it’s a good start.

Currently: watching celebrity wife swap?! Yeah, that’s happening. But after that I’m going to finish rearranging my room (I dragged everything out of place after I got an impulse to switch things up. Some things still need a new home).


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