How did I weekend this weekend?

Well I accidentally stumbled into the latest SLC spot, Granary Row




You can tell they are trying really hard to make this a place where all the cool kids will want to go.


But I think it’s working.


The containers are shops and at the end you can see all the food trucks gathered there.

At least I very much enjoyed it. Can’t speak for the cool kids of course ;)


Everything is colorful!


And mobile.


Cute little bows? Headbands? Fun prints? I love being the target demographic.


Plus they grow plants in kid pools. Which is almost fun enough that it doesn’t remind me of how I’m such a plant killer lately. The community garden stuff seems good (Probably because I’m in no way the primary caretaker… I’ve only been by once this month, but I’m trying to remedy this.) , but the work plants are very much struggling.

I mean look at this yummy meal I had courtesy of Off the Grid. Have I mentioned I’m a sucker for food trucks? And that they are half the attraction here? On Saturday some of the truck’s I saw included the Grilled Cheese Truck, a hot/frozen chocolate truck, Mom’s, the Little Blue Bistro, and a few taco trucks.


This was the Awesome Con Queso (A sandwich with waffles as bread!) with a side of smashed potato. So. Good.

I can’t wait to go when there is some entertainment present.


Look at all that stage. Just waiting.

And on a completely non-granary note, I also saw Much Ado About Nothing. It was pretty entertaining (If you’re a Joss Whedon fan you’ll be very happy with the cast).

Currently: enjoying Master Chef


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