Seasons Greetings

Dear Neighbor,

While I appreciate your enthusiasm for the holidays and would never want to interfere with creative expression…  I think it may be time to switch up the decor. You may want to start by putting away the Valentine’s lights. Also, I don’t want to rush you, but it may also be time to give up the Christmas display. You cannot make something a year round permanent lawn fixture simply by adding different seasonal decorations to the past seasonal items that you haven’t gotten around to taking down yet. Ice skating cartoon characters are kind of depressing when we are all really hoping for spring to take over.


I-hope-I’m-not-turning-into-those-people-who-report-non-standard-paint-colors-to-the-neighborhood-association (Seriously, stop me if I start to turn Stepford)

P.S. Also, I revoke this statement if you promise to commit to this all year round. If you accept this challenge I expect to see shamrocks and Easter bunnies ice skating on the lawn by tomorrow evening.

Currently: still grateful for the extra sunlight we gained from daylight savings


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