Viva Las Vegas

Last weekend I took a break from normal life and drove south until I hit Las Vegas. The way there had a few not-so-great moments (Snow!In March! Ugh, thankfully my friend Emily came along so she was there to help me not freak out when the roads got tricky), but other than that it was a fun, if short trip (I got in Friday late and left Sunday afternoon). Even so I managed to fit in a good amount of things, like:

The Bellagio fountain show and gardens


This garden is always fun to see. There was also this display with giant rain drop things.

Shopping in Caesers Palace and the Venetian shops


The view at the Venetian. You really can shop almost anywhere in Vegas. They have pretty much everything and in some cases, more than one location within walking distance. In addition to the usual places (How can I not go in H&M?) Emily and I also went to this really fun candy store and a vintaged inspired dress shop.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

me and will smith

Me and Will? BFFs obviously. Some of the statues were better than others; This was one of the best ones.

But the best part of Vegas?

My Cousins

My Cousins: Emma, Jack, and Grace

These guys! You see the reason I went down to Vegas was because my cousin Jack came home from his mission. It was great to see him and all of my family in Vegas ( I don’t get down there as often as I should). It was nice to relax and catch up (even better when you get to do this in the hot tub!). Sunday morning I got to listen to Jack’s talk and it was wonderful to hear him speak about his experiences and how his testimony has grown.

But before I knew it I had to head back to Salt Lake. Luckily the way home was smooth sailing and a beautiful drive (minus a tiny little diet coke explosion).

Currently: snacking on pita chips and The Laughing Cow Garden Vegetable spread, yum :)


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