I Get Carried Away…

So Passion Pit rolled into town and I was lucky enough to get a chance to see them. They were originally supposed to be a part of the salt lake summer twilight concert series but had to drop out for some reason. This time they came to the complex and they brought Matt & Kim with them!


We’d also heard Icona Pop was making an appearance, but sadly they were no where to be seen.

Matt & Kim were up first and they know how to get things going. Kim stood on her drum kit to announce everything and anything. At one point they even had the people up front squish together and she danced on top of the crowd. Matt for the most part stayed behind his keyboard but was still very entertaining. There were lots of stories (along with some words I won’t repeat haha), crowd interaction (sing along! I’m going to throw my shoe to you! haha), and even a Harlem shake. It was a fun way to get things started.

Passion Pit!

Passion Pit!

Then Passion Pit came on. They were less chatty, but Michael Angelakos looked so cute in his tie and jacket and they really put on a fun show. We also got so much closer to the stage once Passion Pit came on.We just let ourselves get caught up in the momentum and before we knew it we’d jumped our way pretty close to the front.


Ok, so my terrible camera doesn’t really do justice to it, but I promise we actually had a good view.


During I Take A Walk they released bubbles everywhere.

By the end of it I may have been out of control thirsty (Which a ridiculous line at Sonic did nothing to cure! I actually ended getting so mad I deserted the line and ended up at the closest smiths instead, haha) and more than a little overheated(let’s not dwell on what my hair looked like by the end of the night), but very glad I came. Good music + Good people = Good night.

Currently: Rereading the first Hunger Games book


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