The Freshmaker

Today after getting caught in a YouTube link vortex* I realized: this whole first world problems meme was stolen from Mentos Freshmaker commercials (mostly 90s Mentos commercials). If you don’t believe me check out some of these “emergency” situations you could experience if you found yourself in a Mentos commerical:

  • You are saying goodbye to your family as they are going out for a lovely afternoon on the lake in the family boat. They leave the dock only for you to discover they still have your car keys. Note: If they turned back, it would be 5 possibly 10 minutes of boating in the wrong direction.
  • Your waiter ignores you at a restaurant. He could be come over to the table in 5 minutes or 5 hours, you have no way of knowing. What you do know is you are waiting a long time for your complimentary water.
  • Someone takes the nearest available baggage cart you wanted to put your duffel bags on. That was probably the only one in the whole airport, so naturally you give up all hope.
  • You have a hard time finding parking when you go to the beach to surf in your leisure time. You could go down the street a little more or try the next block, but then you might have to walk or something.
  • Your mom tries to talk to you while you are hanging out with your cool friends at the mall. Remember, she is wearing a very uncool mom hat and trying hard to connect with you. She probably even loves you and wants to make sure you have enough money for more flannel and floppy hair cuts.

Now the “victims” of these crimes could throw a fit, whine, build up major road rage, or complain to a nearby authority figure. However instead Freshmakers laugh off their silly problems, Macgyver their way out of the situation, and somehow become friends with everyone in sight, including the people who caused the “problems” (I have never seen so many smiles and knowing-friendship-glances in one commercial slot. It appears all things are forgiven if someone manages to be clever or quirky along the way.). All while maintaining cool, minty breath, of course — thus setting them apart from their modern day twitter hashtag counterparts. #Freshmakerforever

*For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it’s when you go to YouTube for one reason and then end up clicking on similar videos in an addictive fashion. 

Oh and in case you find yourself in any of the above situations, here are the proposed Mentos solutions. The first one was not mentioned in the list above, but probably has the best solution of them all (Bonus Freshmaker!):

Note: This one appears to be a more recent production which means the video quality is better, but the jingle seems strangely remixed in an attempt to be modern.

Currently: Keeping my fingers crossed for an early spring!


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