Caught in before and after time

On the plane ride home I read The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi W. Durrow. It’s one of those books you give each character a specific picture in your head without realizing it. The story is centered around Rachel, a ten year old girl who moves to Portland, Oregon to live with her grandmother after her family is involved in an accident. Durrow weaves Rachel’s version of events with other view points to create a layered, interesting window into Rachel’s world and the event that altered her life forever. Her story is sad, but compelling. You want to follow her through to the end.

Here is a taste:

“When Aunt Loretta says ‘Mama,” I think of saying ‘Mor’ and how I don’t get to say it anymore. I am caught in before and after time. Last-time things and firsts. Last-time things make me sad like the last time I called for Mor and used Danish sounds. I feel my middle fill up with sounds that no one else understands. Then they reach my throat. What if these sounds get stuck in me?

I laugh harder, but the real laugh feels trapped inside too.”

I think I know many girls who have been caught in before and after time.

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3 thoughts on “Caught in before and after time

  1. I found this book in a little book store on South Padre Island where the owner and employees put post its on the books they enjoyed with insights and comments on their chosen books. I found a wingback chair and spent the afternoon reading while the rest of the family saw Captain America. The book, and the setting where I read it, left me wanting more days just like that one!

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