Let it Snow…Sort of…

Normal people: Let’s watch a Christmas movie and make snowflakes.

Result: 2-3 snowflakes, then everyone slowly abandons the idea as they get sucked into the movie (Let’s face it the Santa Clause is a holiday gem).

Me: Let’s watch a Christmas movie and make snowflakes.

Result: A couple of cute snowflakes. These are pretty, but I can do better. How about 3-D snowflakes? Sounds good.

Then paper chains. Oh wait, let’s do patterned paper chains.

In the shape of reindeer.

And snowman.

And trees.

And stockings.

And candy canes.

And angels.

And Santa. Santa sort of looks like a elf. Still works.

Google other “paper crafts.”

It’s getting late now so an overly complicated project is in order… hmm youtube tutorial for origami star/ball thing? Yes. This makes a lot of sense and definitely represents Christmas. It has 12 separate components? Even better. They are supposed to magically snap together without tape? haha.

But what should I do with it all? Hang it from the ceiling? Ok. Still looks like it could use more. Hmmm, let’s add the tissue paper puffs I made for my friend’s bridal shower.

Contemplate making more items to truly “elf” the room. Mentally try to decide how much paper I have left…then realize it is 1 am, I have lost the tape, and I’m lying on the living room floor. Decide it’s time for bed.

Christmas decor

The light is terrible so use your imagination. This is supposed to be a fun filled paper snowflake room.

more snowflakes

More paper “snow.” When the air circulates at night they sort of twirl around.  Emily and Courtney also contributed a snowflake or two (they are my baseline for normal snowflake production, haha).

Merry Christmas!

Currently: getting swept up in the December Christmas-party-athon. The last one I went to was my church’s white elephant party. I ended up with a box filled with  s’mores kits and play doh.


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