Lessons I learned from Halloween this year:

Emily as Red Riding Hood and Me as Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy

Emily as Red Riding Hood and Me as Lucy (Lucille Ball) My hair looks a little tousled here, but it was actually in a cute retro pin up roll. Woohoo Youtube hair tutorials!

My friend Jenni also celebrated Halloween with me. I just loved her Day of the Dead makeup! So fun.

Beware Super-Bright Hair Spray Dye:

For the first part of Halloween I was Lucy (of I Love Lucy). This was a fun, fairly simple costume. I had the dress, I did my hair in a little retro style, and sprayed it red.The only thing is once it was sprayed red it wanted to stay red. I did this costume on Saturday night and their is still dye I’m trying to get off my scalp! Not only that it got on towels, clothes, bathtub, my hands… everywhere really. Thankfully it’s mostly gone, but I’ll be ready for it be completely out of my life, haha. It was worst after the first wash (despite vigorous scrubbing); thankfully I have a lot of hair so I could style around the red parts for work and church.

Zombies are Waaaay Too Friendly:

Ben was the least scared of all of us. He led the way through the whole thing and nothing caught him by surprise. I was a little more… scare-able… haha.

I went to my first haunted house and visited Nightmare on 13th. It was a lot of fun. The zombies liked to breathe right down your neck. Yikes! The haunted house had three themes: haunted circus, zombie apocalypse, and something about beasts. I think the zombie apocalypse decoration were my favorite/most creepy. Although the circus part did have this rotating tunnel that was pretty fun.

Hitchcock is Boss for a Reason:

I filled my quota of scary movies this Halloween season, but the Hitchcock ones were my favorite. I watched The Birds, Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, and Psycho. All great, but my favorite was probably Rear Window.

The Bigger the Hair the Better the Reaction:

Jenni, me, and Courtney. We want to a party  at the U, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. The DJ played thriller remixes every hours; plus massive costume parties are just great people watching.

For one of my costumes I did a posh 60s socialite look. I got a pink dress (at Decades, one of my fav Salt Lake places), long white gloves, and did my hair in a beehive updo. The hair was half the fun (I’d wish I’d taken a close up! The back has a little twist and a roll at the base) . I’d never done this style so I just looked up a YouTube tutorial and went at it. If you’re interested in trying it yourself I suggest this video.

For my work costume I took the beehive to a higher level and added a tiny tiara for emphasis.That day I was a tacky beauty queen with a bunch of other girls at the office. This was a lot of fun! I did it with all the girls at work. We all wore sashes that played on words starting with Miss. Miss Educated, Miss Behaves, Miss Ing, Miss Spelled, etc. I was Miss Taken.

Beauty queens gone wrong! haha You can’t see it here but I also had some black platform heels (courtesy of Natalie’s closet), a candy necklace on my wrist, and long white gloves, and tons of plastic rings.

I even kept the beehive after I ditched the costume Halloween night and even wore it to dinner at the Lamb’s Grill (Utah’s oldest continually operating restaurant).

The only disappointment of Halloween was the lack of trick or treaters at my door. Not a single one! Granted I wasn’t home all night, but I even left a bowl out for awhile and nobody really touched that. I think the front of our apartment is uninviting or something, haha. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Currently: Enjoying hanging around the apartment and eating Mac n’ Cheese.


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