Let’s Vote

Hey friends, early voting is open and I thought I’d share a couple helpful links I found (I’m a nerd, haha).


If you’re a Utah voter…

Here is where you can find your Voter Information Guide:http://vote.utah.gov/elections/location/ 

You find your specific voting information by looking up your voting precinct (Don’t worry if you don’t know this offhand you can search for it by using your address and name that’s on file with voter registration). This website will also tell you where you go to vote on election day.

Your voter information guide includes a sample ballot, as well as candidate profiles, and other voting resources. The candidate profiles include links to their websites and a short paragraph about the candidate (I think this is something the candidate submits to the county, but I’m not sure).The sample ballot also includes information on proposition and amendments you’ll be asked to vote on. So if you’re like me and don’t recall anyone every talking to you about county proposition one, you can look it up and go prepared to the polls.

Here is where you can find your information on early voting: http://vote.utah.gov/early-voting/location/ There are a lot of places you can go if you want to beat the lines on election day.

Here is your guide to what you’ll need to vote aka identification requirements: http://vote.utah.gov/elections/requirements/

If you’re voting outside of Utah…

Try this, it’s a map that links to each state’s voter election website:


Or if you prefer Rock the Vote’s map:


Well that’s it. Happy Voting!

Currently: Trying to progress in some goals and realizing I have some catching up to do!


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