State Fair

The week before last I pulled on my cowboy boots, got in a funnel cake frame of mind, and headed to the state fair.

It was a grand time. I went last year, but this year I realized there were so many things I didn’t do before. This time I tried to see it all.

There were rides:

Courtney and Emily driving their bumper cars. We also went down this giant yellow slide they had.

And animals:

Cow, sheep, rabbits, goats, and chickens, oh my.

And fair food:

funnel cake. yum.

And many blue ribbon contenders.

They gave out ribbons for all sorts of goodies: pie, cake, bread, cookies, canned food, vegetables, etc. I had no idea there were all these contests. New life goal: Win state fair blue ribbon. Seriously, next year this is happening.

In addition to the edible entries there was also crops, flowers, and crafts at the fair. These giant sunflowers caught my eye.

Courtney modeling some agriculture.

We also found this “fun science” type room which ended up being very entertaining. One of the weirdest little “experiments’ was this two way mirror that merged your features with the person sitting on the other side. We also very much enjoyed the giant bubbles station and discovered that everyone makes really strange faces when you try to form bubbles around them.


I think one of the only fair things we didn’t try was the “freak” show. They had an old fashioned style side show you could go see, claiming to have all sorts of oddities including a giant alligator.

A few days later I finished off the State Fair experience by watching the movie State Fair.* For those of you who haven’t seen it it’s an old-timey, musical jolt of happiness to the brain. If a bit melodramatic at times, haha. It was good way to round off the experience.

Currently: Craving a new book and some fun eyeware. I think I may try this Divergent everyone’s been talking about. As for the new frames, you’ll have to wait and see ;)

*You can see my friend Emily’s take on State Fair and the whole state fair experience on her blog Movies & Mayhem. She also has a video up of me inside a bubble making a really weird face.


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