Move Around the Corner

So did I mention I moved recently? It’s not too far, so nothing earth shattering, but still a move. There are things I’ll miss about my cute little house (like the cherry trees outside!), but I’m excited to be somewhere new.

I feel like I’ve gotten a little bit better at moving (as a student I seemed to be constantly shuffling around), yet I still always find myself feeling exhausted and unorganized afterwards/ Things really were much more simple when all my belongings had to fit in two fifty pound suitcases and one obscenely heavy carry on.Essentially I keep finding myself looping through about, oh, 4 or 5 moving “stages.” The order varies but the essential components are the same.

Stage 1: Nostalgia

This is when you start taking old boxes out and emptying your bookcases and wrapping up fragile things. You rediscover old momentos or linger over old photos. Idealistic goals warp your brain into thinking someday you will finish that scrapbook or fix that something-or-other. This is the nice, warm fuzzy stage of moving. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last long.

Stage 2: Self Analysis

This is the part of moving where I become totally baffled and mystified at how much useless stuff I have. I question everything, practical or not. It gets progressively more severe. Yoga Mat? Why bother, nothing’s bringing that gym membership back to life. A swiffer and a broom? Wasteful. Snow boots? I’ll just stay inside all winter.

By the end of this stage you will most likely be torn between taking up a new mode of life focused on minimalism and zen or calling TLC to see if they can send one of their hoarder life coach’s to help you (Side note: This won’t work unless you bring some other freak show part of your life to the table for TLC. Unless you are in fact surrounded by stacks of decades old newspapers, a collection of tin cans, and curio case of doll heads as you read this; in which case, go ahead and make the call).

Stage 3: Desperation

The desperation stage usually occurs for me just as I think I’m about done with a room and then *voila* I open a drawer or a closet and it is crammed with stuff I could have sworn I packed. Generally this is followed by totally apathy concerning the welfare of my belongings. I no longer sort, organize, stack, or wrap. Instead I stuff. I just throw things in boxes and tape them shut.* Until I run out of boxes. Then I use garbage bags, coolers, laundry baskets — anything I can find until I end up playing car tetris as I randomly fit objects into the weird empty nooks and crannies of my Toyota.

*In fact, one time in a fit of desperation I accidentally threw all my underwear in a box… that was to be mailed separately… and very slowly. Oops. If you’re looking for an excuse to buy new clothes, that is one way to do it.

Stage 4: Stop and Smell the Ammonia

By this point I’m insanely tired and cleaner fumes are probably not the best remedy, but it can’t be helped. I generally spend a good amount of time scrubbing my house down and getting it ready for the next tenants, and most people I talk to seem to do cleaning of some sort. Yet I always have to do cleaning in my new place when I move in. Oh well.

Stage 5: Nesting

For some highly motivated, organized people I imagine this is sort of magical:

Day 1: Empty House.

Day 10: Beautiful Decorated (Or at least unpacked and functional) House.

For me it’s a little bit more like:

Day 1: Set up bed and investigate wifi possibilities.

Day 2-Forever: Clear the floor of tripping obstacles and proceed as you see fit.

In other words, I’m not done. I’m usually never done. I tend to have grand decorating ideas that take me a while to fulfill ( But they will all, of course, *actually* happen in this apartment, haha). But that’s half the fun, right? ;) Here’s hoping your next move is more organized then mine, but equally successful (I really am excited to be in this new apartment; there are definite good times ahead)!

Currently: lovin’ my new skinnies and thankful for all the people who helped me move into my lovely new apartment :)


3 thoughts on “Move Around the Corner

  1. I remember those days!!! Oh, wait. Other than sloping the summer move I still do that! Only difference, now there is furniture to figure out I.. I think Tailor and I have five to six boxes still where I’m not quite sure what is in them but I know that at stone point I’ll want what is in them. I guess I’ll refresher our during stage two next February!!

    Congrats on your new place Mimi! You said it was close to the old place, why the move?

    • Thanks! My lease was up and a friend and I decided to be roommates. Plus I was getting tired of a studio. Too bad you aren’t closer we could help each other through the unpacking!!

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