Summertime and the Living is Easy

A little bit ago I was filling out a background check for a new job and realized that listing my previous address for the last seven years was a very complicated and exhausting process. While counting up where I’d lived I found myself stumbling over old names, arrival dates, and apartment numbers. In the past seven years I have rarely lived in the same place for more than a year. Summertime is especially unpredictable.

One of my favorite things about summer is it tends to whisk you away from real life and then when you find yourself back in “real,” normal life again summer even has a way of improving that. It takes all those familiar places, tired possibilities, and overwhelming responsibilities and turns them into fresh potential for the upcoming months.

I have spent summers packing, weighing, and readjusting suitcases, piercing ears, learning the tunnels of the Capitol building, reading on the beach, bending my brain around technical jargon and acronyms, filling out intern paperwork, sipping white cherry icees at the megaplex, wandering the periodical section and cursing the library copier, making late night, bleary eyed grocery store runs, walking the dog through the greenbelt sidewalks, trying on bridesmaids dresses, jumping through ocean swells, running into old friends, and slipping on perfect, new red shoes. Every summer is a distinct, new, mini suspension from reality.

A few months ago I thought this one might be different. I wouldn’t be a student anymore; I’d be more settled. Maybe even bordering on boring. However summer continues to be unpredictable. These last few months were nowhere near what I thought reality should be. But oddly enough I find myself in the same place I do every year as summer winds down and fall gears up. New opportunities. New people. New places. Now it’s just up to me to take this potential and do something wonderful with it. Wish me luck. I hope your enjoying this last little bit of summer.

Currently: over thinking everything; anyone have a cure for that? :)


One thought on “Summertime and the Living is Easy

  1. hooray for blogging!
    loved it, loved your writing, loved the summer.
    also i love your “currently …” it’s a good idea that i might steal from you every once in a while.
    looking for ward to new things this fall! if you know what i mean:)

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