Let’s Eat

I love cooking (and baking), but sometimes laziness gets the better of me. I’ll admit it, I got used to dinner group and having one night of cooking magically equal three or four. However, over the last few days I indulged in some cooking/baking/recipe making time. And I loved it. Hopefully I can make this a regular occurrence and not let bad habits settle in.

Here’s some of the yummy things I made lately:

Watermelon Blueberry Salad: I made this for a 4th of July side. It’s very simple and probably barely counts as cooking, but I’m still telling you about it. It’s watermelon + blueberries with a glaze of lemon juice, honey, and just a little bit of mint. The only problem is I had way too much watermelon leftover.

Strawberries: Covered in chocolate: And filled with Nutella. As you can probably imagine this was Pinterest inspired insanity. To do this: dip the strawberries in chocolate, let the chocolate set, hollow out a little bit of the strawberry with a knife, add nutella, dip the other side in chocolate. Unfortunately these decadent things accidentally got mostly melted. I threw them in the freezer, but it’s not the same. But the test strawberry I ate before they got all melty was delicious and I probably shouldn’t have too many of those anyways.


Little chocolate dipped, hollowed out, strawberries; just before the nutella step. Yum.

Balsamic Chicken. This is my go to meal, so nothing new here. But if you want an easy recipe you can see my original blog post on it here.

Red Velvet Cake. This is what really satisfied my baking/cooking craving. I made red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting from scratch. I made one of my favorite recipes, and everything went well for once (I often find myself having “‘interesting” cooking adventures, lol). I love that pay off. When you work hard to make something and it turns out delicious. Come over some time and I’ll make it again :)

Here is a pre-frosted picture so you can actually see the “redness” of the red velvet cake. Not that that affects the taste, but still, isn’t it pretty? haha

Cream cheese frosting sprinkled with pecans.

Empanadas. I used this recipe, and it really wasn’t too hard. I couldn’t find empanada discos anywhere (even at my local Latino grocery store) so I used pre-made pie crust and cut it in half so I had two semi-circles. The shapes a little off, but it gets the trick done. The other nice thing about this recipe is it makes more than enough for one person, so I had some leftover to freeze for future meals.

Hopefully I can keep this up!

Currently: Excited that the hardest part of my quilt is done! I’ve made all the squares and sewn them together. Basically the top is ready to go I just need to make a bottom (or sew it to an existing duvet cover) so there’s actually a place for the blanket.


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