Let Them Eat Cupcakes!

I love art. And cupcakes.

So this UMOCA (Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts) exhibit was perfect for me. It was called Let Them Eat Cupcakes (I went in April, I’ve been meaning to get this up for ages now). In exchange for writing your thoughts about hunger on a large index card and adding them to the exhibit you were given a cupcake. The exhibit had already been to LA so there were lots of cards to read and look at.

Me with my cupcake.

The cards had a wide variety of things. Some had funny stories, some talked about people’s philosophy about hunger and how they would solve hunger problems, some were just little kids who wanted to participate, other people complained that the resources for this exhibit should have gone to hungry people, other people wrote their own sad stories (many homeless people wrote on the cards), and a small few even offered assistance and contact information.


The cards were displayed in a tent. They were hung from the ceiling and connected with binder rings. The tent itself was decorated in bright colors and had a candy print for the back wall.

Emily's contribution to the exhibit.

Emily’s contribution to the exhibit.

This exhibit was part of the Museum’s First Friday event, which means the exhibit (and the rest of the museum) was free to the public. I’d never been in the UMOCA before so I took this opportunity to look around and see what the museum had to offer.

One of the things we explored was the fax exhibit. This had a lot of interesting individual faxes that artists and other collaborators had contributed. We also explored a bunch of technology exhibits. A lot of them were interactive. A few of them were even games.

This was a technology exhibit that featured a loop of video featuring people melting down over technology.

This was a technology exhibit that featured a loop of video featuring people “melting down” over technology.

Let Them Eat Cupcakes was a great introduction to the UMOCA. I look forward to more fun here in the future!

Currently: Spending too much time on Pinterest and watching Community


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