Expectations versus Reality

Here’s a fact you may not know about me: I love falafals. I had one for the first time in Paris of all places, and fell in love. Now keep in mind Paris sometimes makes things seem better then they really are (You know, because, it’s magic and enchanting and all that).However my love of falafals has remained true. So imagine my delight (and surprise) when the number one Sugarhouse restaurant on Urbanspoon was O Falafal.

I had to go.

However I was bit skeptical that it would hold up to my expectations. And you know what?

It was delicious. I dare say it exceeded expectations. I love it when that happens.


Me eating at O Falafal. My awkward smile does not properly show how yummy my falafal was. Gabby   liked it too (you can see her twitpic here). We also tried the chicken shawarma, which was also delicious.

Currently: making to do lists and goals for the week. This week went by way too fast!


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