Fresh start

I’m not usually a new years resolution person. I’m a goal person in general. I set goals all the time. The new year doesn’t usually mean anything new or special resolution wise for me. However this year the new year just happens to coincide with some big changes for me ( I know this sounds like the premise of a rom com, but bear with me). So in honor of said changes I made some resolutions. One of them was to return to the blogosphere.

So here I am.

I used to be into blogging, and did a fairly good job of staying on top of things until a big bad electronic glitch locked me out of my account for three months ( I was with a different blogging service in case you are curious) and I then used lack of motivation because of this glitch as an excuse for another five months. Well, no more excuses and no more not-blogging (this is a very real verb people use for doing nothing). Fresh year. Fresh start. I’m looking forward to it.

Currently: looking forward to catching up on Project Runway Allstars


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